Are You in the House Alone? Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richard Peck
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• The weather of Connecticut is described.

• Gail wonders if anyone was up on the rock watching her and Steve as they swam.

Chapter 1

• Gail argues with her mother about her clothing.

• Steve and Gail go to the Lawver residence.

• Gail and Steve decide to go swimming after the dinner at the Lawvers.

Chapter 2

• Gail tries to find a movie to watch on TV.

• Gail is babysitting and gets a few hang up phone calls.

• Gail calls Steve to reassure herself.

• Mrs. Montgomery surprises Gail when she comes home.

Chapter 3

• Gail walks to school in the morning, noticing her father's car on the way.

• Gail remembers how Steve wooed her with a poem.

• Gail recalls how she and Alison met while they are in Drama class in the present day.

Chapter 4

• Steve and Gail argue at lunch time.

• Alison talks to Gail about Phil's Puritanism and how she's...

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