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Hernan Diaz
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Short Answer Questions

1. What element of weather leads to the men's predicament of being stranded?

2. The Brennans enlist Håkan's help with what task after he joins their expedition?

3. What type of animal is Pingo?

4. Which member of the Brennan family is the first to find Håkan in a terrible state on the ship?

5. When Håkan wakes up next to a dead animal, to what cause does he attribute the animal's cause of death?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the distinctive opening of Chapter 6 and its use of sensory details.

2. Who are the Brennans and how does Håkan become involved with them?

3. Describe Håkan's experiences in Clangston.

4. How does Håkan feel about his older brother Linus?

5. How is the theme of family bonds demonstrated within Chapter 6?

6. Who is Lorimer and what are three of his characteristics?

7. In what way does Diaz feature the motif of sound within the scene of the massacre?

8. As Håkan's first summer away from his family comes to a close, what is said to be "all Håkan could think of" (40)?

9. How does the theme of delusion enter the narrative after Håkan's escape from the dragoon and the woman with the diseased gums?

10. What method does Håkan's father Erik use to obtain the money to send his sons to America?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explicate the theme of hope within In the Distance. What is Diaz’s message regarding hope and how do you know?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze Diaz’s focus on the motif of violence in the novel In the Distance. What message is Diaz sending about violence, America, and the human condition?

Essay Topic 3

Look carefully at the passages of In the Distance that describe the close relationships between Håkan and his various mentors within the narrative. What is Diaz’s purpose for portraying three characters as different as James Brennan, Lorimer, and Asa in the roles of Håkan’s mentors?

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