Objects & Places from In the Distance

Hernan Diaz
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This object symbolizes the transitory nature of love and ownership. Soon after Lorimer gives Håkan this object as a gift, Håkan tragically loses this object. Håkan grieves over the loss, since he had grown to love and value this object greatly over a short period of time.


This object symbolizes the size and scope of legends. This object is worn by the protagonist Håkan after he fights a cougar and creates a way to wear the spoils of the battle on his body. This object then becomes a part of the legend that defines and immortalizes Håkan.


This object symbolizes deceit and manipulation. Jarvis is the elected leader of the caravan after he promises to give everyone a piece of this object that he supposedly owns in California. However, other caravan members eventually begin to suspect that Jarvis is lying...

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