In the Distance Fun Activities

Hernan Diaz
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Create a Three Dimensional Model

Create a 3-D model of a significant and vividly described setting from the novel, such as the Clangston woman’s room or the inside of Lorimer’s covered wagon. Pay close attention to the text's descriptions as you construct your model.

Watch a Television Show

Watch an episode of the PBS series The Old West and write a response to your newfound knowledge about a topic that pertains to your reading of In the Distance.

View a Film

Watch a film often characterized by critics as an anti-Western, such as the Coen Brothers’ film No Country For Old Men, and write a film review of it.

Compose a Eulogy

Write a eulogy in honor of Asa.

Write a Diary Entry

Write a diary entry from Håkan’s point of view during a scene full of suspense, such as when he regains consciousness...

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