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Hernan Diaz
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Essay Topic 1

Trace the characterization arc of Håkan’s character throughout the novel In the Distance. Discuss whether Håkan is a round or flat character and whether Håkan is a static or dynamic character.

Essay Topic 2

What message does Diaz send within the pages of In the Distance concerning the theme of compassion?

Essay Topic 3

Determine the ways in which Diaz’s novel In the Distance displays the characteristics of the literary style of Naturalism.

Essay Topic 4

Look carefully at the passages of In the Distance that describe the close relationships between Håkan and his various mentors within the narrative. What is Diaz’s purpose for portraying three characters as different as James Brennan, Lorimer, and Asa in the roles of Håkan’s mentors?

Essay Topic 5

Explicate the theme of hope within In the Distance. What is Diaz’s message regarding hope and...

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