In the Distance Character Descriptions

Hernan Diaz
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Håkan Söderström

This character, the novel’s protagonist, was born in Sweden on his family’s isolated farm. After a severe famine, his parents send him and his older brother to live in New York City. However, along the way, the brothers become separated, and the protagonist accidentally boards a boat to California. His exact age is not stated, but at that point, he appears to be in his early teens. He decides to make his way east towards New York to be reunited with his brother. This character appears to value kindness, compassion, and moral rectitude. He also appears to have gigantism, meaning he continually grows at a rapid rate.

James Brennan

In California, the protagonist befriends this character, who has arrived in California with his wife and children. This character and his family have come to California to mine for gold, and they invite...

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