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Gordon Zahn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Train to Hell and The Martyr and His Village.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What highway was Jagerstatter 's hometown located near?
(a) The highway that leads to Cologne.
(b) The highway that leads to Nuremberg.
(c) The highway that leads to Salzburg.
(d) The highway that leads to Berlin.

2. Why did Mary think the villagers were not inclined to talk with Zahn?
(a) Because most of them forgot about the incident.
(b) Because of an uneasy conscience.
(c) Because they didn't want to appear as if they supported Jagerstatter.
(d) Because he was American.

3. What does Zahn say Jagerstatter underwent before his arrest?
(a) A personality change.
(b) A physical change.
(c) A course to become a priest.
(d) A rough divorce.

4. What were the few villagers that were willing to say that Jagerstatter had "done something great" inclined to do?
(a) Leave the village.
(b) Say they supported him.
(c) Hide themselves.
(d) Put limits on his actions.

5. What Archbishop was with Jagerstatter prior to his death?
(a) Rev. Kurtz.
(b) Rev. Hermann.
(c) Rev. Johakim.
(d) Rev. Jochmann.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Jagerstatter do in school?

2. Why did Jagerstatter never consider hiding?

3. What does Zahn say didn't impact Jagerstatter ?

4. What did Jagerstatter tell his wife to do if asked about his convictions?

5. What did Jagerstatter substitute for the proclamation, Heil Hitler?

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