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Gordon Zahn
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Objective: An Introduction, St. Radegund, and the Young Ruffian Gordon Charles Zahn was an American sociologist, professor, a pacifist and author. Zahn wrote "In Solitary Witness" after coming across his story accidentally. The objective of this lesson is to examine Zahn, his interest in Jagerstatter, and the genre of "In Solitary Witness".

1) Independent Work: Library Research:
a) Biography: Find information on Gordon Charles Zahn, including his upbringing, education, career, and other important facts and write a 2-3 paragraph biography to summarize the information.
b) Timeline: Create a timeline to outline major events in Gordon Charles Zahn's life.

2) Pair Work: Discuss and Define: Students should discuss and define the meaning of a biography and discuss how it fits into the genre of non-fiction and include the definition of non-fiction.

3) Class Discussion: Who is Gordon Charles Zahn? Where was he born? When was he born? Where and when did...

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