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Gordon Zahn
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Essay Topic 1

Examine why Jagerstatter remained alone in his stance against the Nazis.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss what you believe were the main reasons why Jagerstatter refused to serve in the Nazi party.

Essay Topic 3

Examine the attitudes of his community toward his stance and analyze how it affected his family.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss the historical significance of Franz Jagerstatter's life and death.

Essay Topic 5

Analyze the significance of the plebiscite and how it affected those in Austria.

Essay Topic 6

Examine why Gordon Charles Zahn chose to write on Franz Jagerstatter and compare the two men, focusing on their similarities.

Essay Topic 7

Discuss how Jagerstatter is regarded in his village and in the Catholic Church.

Essay Topic 8

Analyze the moral implications in Jagerstatter serving in the Nazi military and also the moral implications in Jagerstatter's decision to refuse to serve.

Essay Topic 9

Compare the views of the villagers with...

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