In Solitary Witness Character Descriptions

Gordon Zahn
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Franz Jagerstatter - This person was an Austrian who hated the Nazi regime and refused to serve in the military on the basis of the Nazis being evil.

Mrs. Jagerstatter - This person was a pious woman and held the family farm together.

Gordon Zahn - This person became a part of the book by expressing an opinion and interviewing many people, searching out inmates who served in prison.

Rev. Franz Baldinger - This person advised someone to take a military oath in order to be released from prison.

F.L. Feldmann - This person was an attorney and authority in the military court who claimed to have done everything he could, but that the odds were against him.

Father Bernhard Kunza - This priest was a chaplain who tried to encourage and accepted a military offer to serve in a non-combat capacity.

Archpriest Rev. Jochmann...

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