In Solitary Witness Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Gordon Zahn
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An Introduction, St. Radegund, and the Young Ruffian

• In "An Introduction," "St. Radegund," and the "Young Ruffian" we learn of Zahn's research methods.

• Jagerstatter lived in a small village called St. Radegund.

• Jagerstatter serverd as a sexton at his Catholic Church.

• Jagerstatter's spiritual advisor was Fr. Karobath, who was forced into exile because of his anti Nazi views.

• Jagerstatter thought that the war was unjust and that the Nazi regime was immoral.

• Jagerstatter's views were well known in the village, but he avoided having to defend his political or religious views.

• Jagerstatter underwent a serious personality change during his transition from youth to adulthood.

• Jagerstatter was a gang member and resorted to violence on a few occasions, and turned into a pious man later in life.

• Jagerstatter's parents were not married and his father died in battle.

• Jagerstatter's mother married his stepfather, the proprietor of the Leherbauer land...

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