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Essay Topic 1

Describe and discuss the setting of Cracow, Poland. How far is Cracow located from the Auschwitz concentration camp? Discuss the history of Cracow prior to and during World War II. How much damage did Cracow see from the war? How is Cracow described in 1996, when Clements Olin arrives?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze and discuss the narrative style of In Paradise. Is the story related from a first, second, or third-person perspective? Is the narrator involved in the action of the story? Is the story told in present or past tense? How does each of these authorial choices affect the story and the reader?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, Young Woman with Ermine. What happened to this painting during World War II? Where was it discovered? When was the painting returned to Cracow? What does this painting symbolize to Clements Olin in the novel?

Essay Topic 4

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