In Paradise Character Descriptions

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Dr. Clements Olin

This character is the protagonist of In Paradise. Fifty-five years old and divorced, this character arrives at the retreat in Auschwitz presumably to conduct research for a scholarly work on Holocaust survivor and writer Tadeusz Borowski. In the process, however, he discovers the truth about his family's past and himself.

Dr. Anders Stern

This primatologist and evolutionary biologist from Sweden has attended the meditation retreat at Auschwitz in order to reach "some insight on mass sadism that could cast light on the evolutionary purpose of so-called human evil."

Ben Lama

This nickname is given to the "spiritual leader" of the retreat at Auschwitz.

G. Earwig

This character repeatedly antagonizes the other attendees at the meditation retreat. Later, he reveals that he lost his family when they set sail from Romania along with 700 other Jews to escape as refugees to Palestine.

Emi Allgeier

This is the...

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