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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Krebs think he would like to have?
(a) A job
(b) A family
(c) A car
(d) A girlfriend

2. What does Nick do when he learns that his mother wants to see him?
(a) Goes on a walk with his father
(b) Goes fishing
(c) Takes the car into town
(d) Takes the boat out onto the lake

3. What does Boulton call Nick's father?
(a) Sport
(b) Doc
(c) Dude
(d) Bud

4. What does Bugs do to calm Ad down?
(a) Makes him drink whiskey
(b) Sings a lullaby
(c) Knocks him out
(d) Gives him a sedative

5. What does Nick's father call the floating logs?
(a) A nuisance
(b) Flotsam
(c) Jetsam
(d) Kindling

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Agnes von Kurowsky?

2. What makes Krebs' mother cry?

3. Who is the girl Nick has recently broken up with?

4. What is the narrator doing in the Memoir?

5. What has happened to Nick in the Memoir of Chapter 6?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hemingway give Ad a sense of pride despite his seriously compromised situation?

2. What is the source of the conflict between Nick's father and one of the loggers?

3. What is the topic of the Memoir for Chapter 1?

4. Explain the real source of conflict in the story and why it is entitled "The Doctor and The Doctor's Wife."

5. What are the circumstances of the "On the Quai at Smyrna" story?

6. Even though Nick initiated the break up with Marjorie, he is still overcome with emotion. How does Hemingway indicate this to the reader?

7. Describe the setting for the Story in Chapter 10, "Cat in the Rain."

8. Explain the symbolism of the disassembled fishing rods carried by the young American wife.

9. Why does the ending of his relationship with his nurse particularly wound Nick?

10. In the Story of Chapter 8, another Hungarian man is introduced as the main character. Describe his situation.

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