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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Bugs?
(a) A cartoon bunny
(b) A gangster
(c) Nick's college roommate
(d) Ad's traveling companion

2. What does Nick say about his father?
(a) He has missed a lot in life
(b) He is always sad
(c) He is too strict
(d) He loves him unconditionally

3. What war does the narrator mention in the memoir for Chapter 1?
(a) The Vietnam War
(b) World War II
(c) World War I
(d) The Korean War

4. What is the attitude of the narrator telling the story?
(a) Amused
(b) Angry
(c) Sympathetic
(d) Callous

5. What does Dr. Adams do in his bedroom?
(a) Takes a nap
(b) Loads and unloads his shotgun
(c) Changes his clothes
(d) Reads a book

Short Answer Questions

1. What is meant by "riding the rails?"

2. What do the evacuees do every night at midnight?

3. What does Nick call his friend, Rinaldi, in the Memoir?

4. Why do Nick and Bill not go out in the boat?

5. In the Memoir for Chapter 5, what are the condemned army officers covered with before their execution?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the circumstances of the "On the Quai at Smyrna" story?

2. Explain how the young matador shows disrespect to the older matadors.

3. Describe the format of this book.

4. Explain the significance of Marjorie saying, "There's our old ruin, Nick."

5. Why did the narrator make the point about the robbers being Hungarian--what is the irony in doing that?

6. What is the source of the conflict between Nick's father and one of the loggers?

7. Besides death and the fear of it, what is another important theme in the book which is evident in the Memoir for Chapter 2?

8. What are the main themes of the story which will become important throughout the entire book?

9. What is the scenario of the Memoir in Chapter 10?

10. Explain the irony of the Memoir in Chapter 11.

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