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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Nick and Bill drink?
(a) Tea
(b) Hot chocolate
(c) Coffee
(d) Irish whiskey

2. What is the relationship between Nick and his nurse?
(a) They do not get along
(b) It is very strained
(c) He wants to marry her
(d) They are cordial

3. Why does Ad get mad at Nick?
(a) He insults his mother
(b) He does not have any whiskey
(c) He does not give him the knife
(d) He does not have any cigarettes

4. Who is Nick's nurse in Padua?
(a) Lois
(b) Luz
(c) Lana
(d) Louise

5. When do Nick and his nurse meet again?
(a) When she comes to America
(b) When she quits her job
(c) After the armistice
(d) When he gets leave

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year does this story take place?

2. What is the location of the Memoir for Chapter 3?

3. Why does Nick's nurse leave for Pordenone?

4. Who is Marjorie?

5. Who is Agnes von Kurowsky?

Short Essay Questions

1. What parallels does Hemingway draw between the three bullfighters and Mr. and Mrs. Elliot and her lover?

2. Explain the significance of Marjorie saying, "There's our old ruin, Nick."

3. Why does Krebs have to resort to lying in order to make his military service seem more important when he returns home?

4. What parallel does Hemingway draw between the fire-ravaged region Nick walks through at home and the war he has just left behind?

5. How does Hemingway showcase the classic theme of good vs. evil in the disparate stories of the Hungarian robbers and the Hungarian Communist?

6. What is the significance of "The Three-Day Blow," the story's title?

7. What does Hemingway mean when the maid asks the wife if she has lost something and the wife replies that she had really wanted the cat but it is gone?

8. How does Hemingway use dialogue to indicate that the couple's marriage is probably doomed?

9. Describe the format of this book.

10. How do Nick's war wound and recovery experience mirror Hemingway's own life?

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