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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What war does the narrator mention in the memoir for Chapter 1?
(a) World War II
(b) World War I
(c) The Korean War
(d) The Vietnam War

2. What are Nick and Marjorie doing as the story begins?
(a) Playing tennis
(b) Riding bicycles
(c) Studying
(d) Rowing in a boat

3. What does Nick say about his father?
(a) He has missed a lot in life
(b) He is always sad
(c) He loves him unconditionally
(d) He is too strict

4. What is the relationship between Nick and his nurse?
(a) They do not get along
(b) It is very strained
(c) They are cordial
(d) He wants to marry her

5. To where does Nick walk to visit his friend, Bill?
(a) Orchard
(b) Town
(c) Bridge
(d) Country road

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the location of the Memoir for Chapter 3?

2. Who else is attempting to leave Smyrna?

3. What is a woman doing on a cart?

4. What military force is withdrawing from the city of Smyrna?

5. What does Ad tell Nick about himself?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of "The Three-Day Blow," the story's title?

2. Explain the classic father-son relationship as it plays out at the end of this story.

3. Explain the significance of Marjorie saying, "There's our old ruin, Nick."

4. What is a quai and what is its significance to the story?

5. What parallels does Hemingway draw between the three bullfighters and Mr. and Mrs. Elliot and her lover?

6. How does Hemingway showcase the classic theme of good vs. evil in the disparate stories of the Hungarian robbers and the Hungarian Communist?

7. Stylistically, what is significant about the Memoir and story of Chapter 6?

8. Describe the setting for the Story in Chapter 10, "Cat in the Rain."

9. In the Story of Chapter 8, another Hungarian man is introduced as the main character. Describe his situation.

10. Explain the symbolism of the disassembled fishing rods carried by the young American wife.

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