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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A bullfight can have only ____________ matadors.
(a) 4
(b) 3
(c) 2
(d) 5

2. For what does the husband apologize to his wife?
(a) Losing the hotel key
(b) Forgetting the fishing license
(c) Speaking sharply to her
(d) Losing their passports

3. The story in Chapter 8 is not so much a story as a ______________________.
(a) poem
(b) essay
(c) character sketch
(d) novel

4. Who is the narrator of the Memoir for Chapter 13?
(a) A physician
(b) A lawyer
(c) A matador
(d) A fisherman

5. What wounded animal is treated cruelly in the Memoir for Chapter 10?
(a) A horse
(b) A sheep
(c) A cow
(d) A bull

6. What kind of feeling does the wife have when the hotel keeper bows to her?
(a) Modesty
(b) Arrogance
(c) Discomfort
(d) Supreme importance

7. What is a cogida?
(a) Spanish wine
(b) Matador hat
(c) Goring
(d) Mexican sandwich

8. What is Nick's condition?
(a) He is invigorated
(b) He is road weary
(c) He is mourning
(d) He is damaged physically and psychologically

9. How many trout does Nick catch on a fishing trip?
(a) 3
(b) 2
(c) 7
(d) 5

10. What is the topic of the story in Chapter 15?
(a) Nick's relationship with his father
(b) Nick's fishing trip
(c) Nick's wedding day
(d) Nick's reunion with his war buddies

11. Where do Joe and his father move?
(a) Germany
(b) Spain
(c) France
(d) Portugal

12. What does Nick fix for breakfast?
(a) Pancakes and coffee
(b) Trout and coffee
(c) Hash and juice
(d) Biscuits and coffee

13. In what city does the Memoir for Chapter 8 take place?
(a) Moline
(b) Wichita
(c) Des Moines
(d) Kansas City

14. Why are two men killed in the story?
(a) Shooting a cop
(b) Robbing a bank
(c) Robbing a cigar store
(d) Robbing a liquor store

15. What is the personality of the answer to #101
(a) Shy
(b) Boisterous
(c) Aggressive
(d) Humorous

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Nick's plans after this vacation?

2. Where is the person from #101 traveling?

3. What do Nick and his friend realize as they talk?

4. What does the wife tell the maid that she wanted?

5. What kind of feeling does the wife have when she returns to her husband in the hotel room?

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