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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the personality of the answer to #101
(a) Boisterous
(b) Shy
(c) Aggressive
(d) Humorous

2. What does Nick use for bait?
(a) Nothing
(b) Night crawlers
(c) Worms
(d) Grasshoppers

3. What do Nick and his friend realize as they talk?
(a) The waitress has been eavesdropping
(b) They have been overcharged on their bill
(c) This is the last time they will go skiing together
(d) They were both once in love with the same girl

4. What wounded animal is treated cruelly in the Memoir for Chapter 10?
(a) A sheep
(b) A bull
(c) A horse
(d) A cow

5. What does the traveler think that Italy is?
(a) The start of everything for the Communist party
(b) So depressing he cannot wait to leave
(c) The most beautiful country he has ever seen
(d) A haven for art and culture enthusiasts

6. What is sitting under a table in the rain?
(a) An old man
(b) A child
(c) A cat
(d) A dog

7. Who sleeps in the big mediaeval bed?
(a) The Elliots' dog
(b) The Elliots' guests
(c) Mrs. Elliot and her female lover
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Elliot

8. What is Joe's father's profession?
(a) Jockey
(b) Electrician
(c) Plumber
(d) Welder

9. What is the topic of the story in Chapter 15?
(a) Nick's reunion with his war buddies
(b) Nick's fishing trip
(c) Nick's wedding day
(d) Nick's relationship with his father

10. Where do Nick and his friend stop for a meal?
(a) The Hyatt
(b) A truck stop
(c) An inn
(d) McDonald's

11. What does the young wife carry through the streets of town?
(a) Groceries
(b) Laundry
(c) Disassembled fishing rods
(d) A picnic basket

12. How does Mrs. Elliot fill her days?
(a) Tutoring high school students
(b) Working in the garden
(c) Baking cookies
(d) Typing Mr. Elliot's poetry

13. What is a cogida?
(a) Spanish wine
(b) Matador hat
(c) Mexican sandwich
(d) Goring

14. The story in Chapter 8 is not so much a story as a ______________________.
(a) character sketch
(b) poem
(c) novel
(d) essay

15. What is the last news of the traveler?
(a) He is living in New York
(b) He fell in love with a Polish girl
(c) He is in a Swiss jail
(d) He died in an avalanche in the Alps

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hubert's wife's name?

2. Who is Maera?

3. Where is the first race of the season on the racing circuit?

4. Who is Villalta in the Memoir for Chapter 12?

5. What happens to Maera in the Memoir for Chapter 14?

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