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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the sailors on the Simpson do to the evacuees every night?
(a) Yell at them to go home
(b) Run their searchlight up and down the crowd
(c) Give them food
(d) Provide first aid

2. What does Dick Boulton call the logs?
(a) A nuisance
(b) Stolen property
(c) Kindling
(d) Zeus' toothpicks

3. What is the location of the Story in Chapter 3?
(a) Michigan
(b) Montana
(c) Maine
(d) New Mexico

4. What do Nick and Bill decide to do?
(a) Get drunk
(b) Call some girls
(c) Go fishing
(d) Enlist in the army

5. What profession does Nick's father have?
(a) Doctor
(b) Minister
(c) Lawyer
(d) Accountant

6. Who is the unnamed narrator of the story?
(a) A Buddhist monk
(b) An American officer
(c) A Hungarian gypsy
(d) A French waiter

7. Why do Nick and Bill not go out in the boat?
(a) It is being repaired
(b) It is too cold
(c) The pond is frozen
(d) It is too dark

8. Why are Nick and Marjorie together on this night?
(a) To go skinny dipping
(b) To elope
(c) To go to a dance
(d) To set night lines for trout

9. What do the Greek soldiers do to their mules after they break the front legs of the animals?
(a) Push them off the dock into shallow water
(b) Bludgeon them to death
(c) Shoot them in the head
(d) Force them to carry heavy loads

10. What is the soldier in the Memoir for Chapter 7 doing?
(a) Smoking a cigarette
(b) Cleaning his gun
(c) Praying in a trench
(d) Writing a letter

11. What is the nature of the problem with which Nick's father can assist?
(a) A woman is having trouble delivering a baby
(b) A man has been indicted on criminal charges
(c) A man needs a will drawn up
(d) A man has hacked off his forearm

12. Smyrna is located in what country?
(a) Romania
(b) Thailand
(c) France
(d) Turkey

13. Which one of Nick's friends asks about Marjorie?
(a) Clay
(b) Bob
(c) James
(d) Bill

14. What does Boulton call Nick's father?
(a) Bud
(b) Doc
(c) Sport
(d) Dude

15. What does Nick say is no longer any fun?
(a) Love
(b) Baseball
(c) Fishing
(d) Skinny dipping

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Krebs tell about the war?

2. What is a quai?

3. Where does Krebs live?

4. What does Krebs think he would like to have?

5. What do the evacuees do every night at midnight?

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