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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the Lieutenant ride his horse out into the field?
(a) He is drunk
(b) He is exploring
(c) He is lost
(d) He is looking for mines

2. Who is Marjorie?
(a) Nick's girlfriend
(b) Nick's piano teacher
(c) Nick's mother
(d) Nick's sister

3. Who is Ad Francis?
(a) An author
(b) A Wall Street executive
(c) A minister
(d) A former prizefighter

4. What has Marjorie brought along tonight?
(a) A transistor radio
(b) A picnic lunch
(c) Homework
(d) A bottle of champagne

5. How does Nick sustain his injury?
(a) He is sucker punched
(b) He falls down stairs
(c) He falls on an icy sidewalk
(d) He is hit by a car

6. What is a woman doing on a cart?
(a) Singing
(b) Giving birth
(c) Holding a suitcase
(d) Polishing a gun

7. What fills the muddy roads leading out of the city?
(a) Tanks and other military vehicles
(b) Garbage from a garbage strike
(c) Water from unrelenting rains
(d) Greek citizens pulling carts with all their belongings

8. What does Nick's father not do?
(a) Fish
(b) Drink
(c) Drive
(d) Hunt

9. What do Nick and Marjorie see?
(a) A car accident
(b) A tornado
(c) A defunct lumber mill
(d) A shooting star

10. What shocking event occurs this night for Nick, his father and Uncle George?
(a) There is a lynching in town
(b) A man commits suicide by slitting his throat
(c) The local forest catches fire
(d) The country goes to war with Japan

11. Who is Dick Boulton?
(a) The mayor of the town
(b) The head of the local plumbers union
(c) One of the men who comes to work for Nick's father
(d) A school board member

12. In what year does the story for Chapter 7 take place?
(a) 1919
(b) 1920
(c) 1946
(d) 1973

13. What does Krebs' mother want him to do?
(a) Make something of himself and get married
(b) Take care of his grandmother
(c) Go to college
(d) Move out of the house

14. What is the narrator doing in the Memoir?
(a) He is writing restaurant reviews
(b) He is on vacation
(c) He is with his combat unit
(d) He is visiting relatives

15. What does Bill's father say makes drunkards?
(a) Too much money
(b) Opening liquor bottles
(c) No self restraint
(d) Sad memories

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the sailors on the Simpson do to the evacuees every night?

2. About what do Nick and Bill agree is better than baseball?

3. What job did the narrator have in the war?

4. What do the evacuees do every night at midnight?

5. What is Nick's father's profession?

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