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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nick say is no longer any fun?
(a) Fishing
(b) Baseball
(c) Love
(d) Skinny dipping

2. Nick's recovery in a hospital mirrors whose life?
(a) Hemingway's
(b) Faulkner's
(c) Fitzgerald's
(d) Capote's

3. In the Memoir for Chapter 5, what are the condemned army officers covered with before their execution?
(a) Olive oil
(b) Hoods
(c) Paint
(d) Wet, dead leaves

4. Why does Nick's nurse leave for Pordenone?
(a) To buy a house
(b) To open a hospital
(c) To attend college
(d) To care for her parents

5. Which book of Hemingway's will devote more time to his war hospital recovery?
(a) For Whom the Bell Tolls
(b) A Farewell to Arms
(c) The Sun Also Rises
(d) To Have and Have Not

6. Why does Dr. Adams think Boulton picked a fight with him?
(a) His wife just left him
(b) Boulton owes him money and did not want to do the job
(c) He is off his antidepressant medication
(d) He is angry about segregation

7. Why does the Lieutenant ride his horse out into the field?
(a) He is drunk
(b) He is lost
(c) He is looking for mines
(d) He is exploring

8. Who is Ad Francis?
(a) A former prizefighter
(b) A minister
(c) An author
(d) A Wall Street executive

9. How long has Nick's nurse stayed on night duty to care for him?
(a) 3 days
(b) 3 weeks
(c) 3 years
(d) 3 months

10. What does Krebs' mother want him to do?
(a) Take care of his grandmother
(b) Move out of the house
(c) Make something of himself and get married
(d) Go to college

11. What military force is withdrawing from the city of Smyrna?
(a) The Russian navy
(b) The French army
(c) The U.S. navy
(d) The Greek army

12. What do Nick and Marjorie see?
(a) A shooting star
(b) A car accident
(c) A tornado
(d) A defunct lumber mill

13. What do Nick and Bill decide to do?
(a) Call some girls
(b) Get drunk
(c) Enlist in the army
(d) Go fishing

14. What does Ad tell Nick about himself?
(a) He is dying
(b) He is crazy
(c) He regrets his career choice
(d) He is going to stage a comeback

15. What does Nick call his friend, Rinaldi, in the Memoir?
(a) A poor excuse for a man
(b) A disappointing audience
(c) A man among men
(d) The best friend he has ever had

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the setting for the Memoir of Chapter 2?

2. Smyrna is located in what country?

3. What is Nick's mood?

4. What makes Krebs' mother cry?

5. How does Nick sustain his injury?

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