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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Nick's mood?
(a) Sarcastic
(b) Petulant
(c) Excited
(d) Brooding

2. What is the location of the Memoir for Chapter 3?
(a) Germany
(b) France
(c) Wisconsin
(d) South Africa

3. A U.S. ship called the Simpson is in a ______________ state.
(a) battle-ready
(b) stand down
(c) friendly
(d) foreign

4. What does Nick's father call the floating logs?
(a) Jetsam
(b) Flotsam
(c) Kindling
(d) A nuisance

5. Smyrna is located in what country?
(a) France
(b) Romania
(c) Thailand
(d) Turkey

6. Who is Agnes von Kurowsky?
(a) The wife of Hemingway's sergeant
(b) Hemingway's editor
(c) The public relations rep for a publishing company
(d) The nurse with whom Hemingway has an affair

7. To where does Nick walk to visit his friend, Bill?
(a) Town
(b) Country road
(c) Orchard
(d) Bridge

8. What is the narrator doing in the Memoir?
(a) He is writing restaurant reviews
(b) He is visiting relatives
(c) He is on vacation
(d) He is with his combat unit

9. What is the nature of the problem with which Nick's father can assist?
(a) A man has been indicted on criminal charges
(b) A woman is having trouble delivering a baby
(c) A man needs a will drawn up
(d) A man has hacked off his forearm

10. What is the location of the Story in Chapter 3?
(a) Maine
(b) Montana
(c) Michigan
(d) New Mexico

11. What does the soldier promise in the trench that he does not do when danger has passed?
(a) Tell everyone about Jesus
(b) Call his mother
(c) Stop smoking
(d) Write a letter to his girlfriend

12. What does Ad tell Nick about himself?
(a) He is going to stage a comeback
(b) He is crazy
(c) He regrets his career choice
(d) He is dying

13. Nick's recovery in a hospital mirrors whose life?
(a) Fitzgerald's
(b) Faulkner's
(c) Hemingway's
(d) Capote's

14. What fills the muddy roads leading out of the city?
(a) Tanks and other military vehicles
(b) Water from unrelenting rains
(c) Garbage from a garbage strike
(d) Greek citizens pulling carts with all their belongings

15. Where does Krebs live?
(a) New Mexico
(b) Oregon
(c) Ohio
(d) Oklahoma

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Bugs meet Ad?

2. About what do Nick and Bill agree is better than baseball?

3. According to the narrator, what is the worst scene among the evacuees?

4. What is meant by "riding the rails?"

5. What does Nick's father hire some local Indians to do?

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