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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Ad Francis?
(a) A former prizefighter
(b) A minister
(c) A Wall Street executive
(d) An author

2. Who is Dick Boulton?
(a) The mayor of the town
(b) One of the men who comes to work for Nick's father
(c) The head of the local plumbers union
(d) A school board member

3. How old is Hubert?
(a) 25
(b) 35
(c) 22
(d) 21

4. What do the Greek soldiers do to their mules after they break the front legs of the animals?
(a) Push them off the dock into shallow water
(b) Force them to carry heavy loads
(c) Bludgeon them to death
(d) Shoot them in the head

5. About what do Nick and Bill agree is better than baseball?
(a) Books
(b) Girls
(c) Fishing
(d) Whiskey

Short Answer Questions

1. What job did the narrator have in the war?

2. Who is Hubert Elliot in the story in Chapter 9?

3. What is the waitress' personality?

4. In the Memoir for Chapter 5, what are the condemned army officers covered with before their execution?

5. What is the last news of the traveler?

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