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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Hubert's wife's name?
(a) Cornelia
(b) Camille
(c) Catherine
(d) Connie

2. In the story for Chapter 10, where is the American couple staying?
(a) A bed and breakfast in Vermont
(b) A chalet in Switzerland
(c) An Italian hotel near the sea
(d) A ski resort in Aspen

3. What does Krebs think he would like to have?
(a) A job
(b) A family
(c) A girlfriend
(d) A car

4. What is the waitress' personality?
(a) Outgoing
(b) Taciturn
(c) Demure
(d) Perky

5. What are Nick's friend's plans after this vacation?
(a) Go back to the U.S. to finish his education
(b) Start his own plumbing business
(c) Get married to his childhood sweetheart
(d) Go back to work on Wall Street

Short Answer Questions

1. What profession does Nick's father have?

2. What wounded animal is treated cruelly in the Memoir for Chapter 10?

3. What does the wife tell the maid that she wanted?

4. About what do Nick and Bill agree is better than baseball?

5. What cheers Nick's mood?

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