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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dick Boulton call the logs?
(a) Kindling
(b) A nuisance
(c) Stolen property
(d) Zeus' toothpicks

2. What do the Greek soldiers do to their mules after they break the front legs of the animals?
(a) Shoot them in the head
(b) Force them to carry heavy loads
(c) Bludgeon them to death
(d) Push them off the dock into shallow water

3. Where does Nick find Bill?
(a) At school
(b) At his father's cottage
(c) At the library
(d) In town

4. What does Dr. Adams do in his bedroom?
(a) Changes his clothes
(b) Loads and unloads his shotgun
(c) Reads a book
(d) Takes a nap

5. Nick accuses Marjorie of always _____________________.
(a) knowing everything
(b) forgetting the matches
(c) tipping the boat
(d) laughing at the wrong moments

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Nick's mood?

2. What does Nick do at sunrise the next morning?

3. What is the location of the Story in Chapter 3?

4. Who else is attempting to leave Smyrna?

5. What do the evacuees do every night at midnight?

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