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The Quai at Smyrna - The dock at the city of Smyrna in Turkey where the Greeks evacuated troops and civilians in 1922.

The Indian Camp - The temporary settlement in the bush where Nick Adams' father takes him when he performs an emergency operation on an Indian woman.

The Logs - These have been beached on Nick Adams' father's property.

The Mill - Nick and his girlfriend, Marjorie, row past the deserted ruins of this logging and lumbering operation on their fishing outing.

The Barricade - The wrought-iron grating erected on a bridge through which the soldiers shoot the attacking German infantry.

The Orchard - Nick walks and notices the fallen leaves here in "The Three-Day Blow."

The Letter - When Nick returns to America after falling in love with his nurse, Luz, she ends the relationship with this.

The Big Mediaeval Bed - Where Mrs...

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