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Stanley Karnow
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Aguinaldo feel when he finds out about Dewey's triumph against the Spanish fleet?
(a) He is upset he hadn't been included in the planning, as well as the actual fighting.
(b) He is nervous that Dewey will turn on him.
(c) He is relieved that he did not have to get involved.
(d) He is jealous that he was not able to do the same.

2. What creates a harsh feudal system when it comes to land ownership and taxation?
(a) The "pobre" system.
(b) The "encomienda" system.
(c) The "Spaniard" system.
(d) The "esclavitud" system.

3. What do Aguinaldo's men do to American prisoners?
(a) They make them work in labor camps.
(b) They torture and kill them in gruesome ways.
(c) They are kind and humane.
(d) They send video recordings of them to politicians in the United States.

4. How does MacArthur compare to Taft when dealing with prisoners and non-combatant civilians?
(a) He is less harsh.
(b) He is the same.
(c) He is more harsh.
(d) He is similar.

5. Of what does McKinley have no knowledge?
(a) Local affairs.
(b) Political affairs.
(c) Far Eastern affairs.
(d) Foreign affairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are many powerful individuals now considering?

2. What explorer first finds the Philippines?

3. During the mid 1800s, the American desire to become a world power and be taken seriously _____________.

4. What was the explorer looking for when he discovered the Philippines?

5. What is the result of Dewey's cutting the telegraph cable out of Manila?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Magellan's voyage beginning in 1519.

2. What does McKinley do when the Spanish fleet is destroyed in Manila?

3. What did Prince Henry do for Portuguese exploration?

4. What effect does the belief that the U.S. could benefit from having a colony in the Far East have on the United States?

5. What does President McKinley do in January of 1900?

6. Describe life in the Philippines under Spanish rule.

7. What happens when more American troops are requested?

8. Describe a little of the history of the Philippines.

9. What occurs after a rebellion in Cuba takes place?

10. What happens when the U.S. warship "Maine" explodes?

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