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Busappears in Partly Dave

Dave jumps off this.

The Sackappears in No Flies on Frank

Frank puts his wife's body in this to take her to her mother's house.

Hallowed Toothappears in At the Denis

This is what hurts the woman and causes her to go to the dentist.

Fat Growthappears in The Fat Growth on Eric Hearble

This is on Eric's head and begins to speak to him.

The Wrestling Dogappears in The Wrestling Dog

This is the entertainment provided by the Mayor of the town for the yearly harvest festival.

Cragesmureappears in The Famous Five Through Woenow Abbey

This is the dog that lights the way for the Famous Five.

White Stickappears in Treasure Ivan

This belongs to Blind Jew. Blind Jew can't ever find it because he is blind.

Tiny Little Tiny Pigappears in I Sat Belonely

This is on a twig and is singing...

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