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Frankappears in No Flies on Frank

This character is described as an ordinary man. The reader quickly sees that he is not completely reasonable despite the fact that he has a wife and a child. He kills his wife.

Henryappears in Henry and Harry

This character is the son of a cripple and asks his father continually to tell him the story of his stumps because not everyone has a real cripple for a father.

Nigelappears in Good Boy Nigel

This is a happy dog whose owners tell him what a good dog he is and that he will be put to sleep that day.

Annappears in Nicely Nicely Clive

This character is in a wheelchair and is about to marry, but her father comes home and cancels the husband.

Clive Barrowappears in Nicely Nicely Clive

This calm character is marrying a girl who is in a wheelchair...

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