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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mac hope will happen once again, the same as with Burke, to incite the men to fight?
(a) Becoming a turncoat.
(b) Dying for the cause.
(c) Rebelling against the cause.
(d) Spilling a little blood.

2. Who is elected squad leader?
(a) Doc Burton.
(b) Jim.
(c) Dakin.
(d) Mac.

3. What does Lisa tell Jim because she feels close to him?
(a) Riddles.
(b) Stories.
(c) Secrets.
(d) Poems.

4. What does Sam brag about being a part of?
(a) A family of rioters.
(b) A gang of spies.
(c) The Blood Thursday riot.
(d) The Portland Purge.

5. How many men does it take to pick and clear Anderson's crop?
(a) Seven hundred.
(b) Nine hundred.
(c) Five hundred.
(d) Four hundred.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mac claim the men will feel even if they lose the fight?

2. At the end of Chapter 13, who is madly raving and needs an enema?

3. What does Doc Burton say to Mac about Joy's body?

4. Where does the paper accuse the strikers of coming from?

5. Who goes with the group that includes Sam?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to London when an outside agitator tries to turn the crowd against him?

2. Why does Dakin call Mac cold-blooded?

3. What does Mac warn Bolter about when Bolter accuses him of being sent by Red headquarters?

4. To whom does Jim attribute his cool demeanor when London praises him for it?

5. What does Doc Burton admire about Mac's speech during Joy's funeral?

6. Why do Dakin and London send out squads of men at the beginning of Chapter 10?

7. What does Dick agree with Mac on concerning Joy's death?

8. What does Sam brag about to Jim when they go out in a group together?

9. In Chapter 13, how does the reader see that there is a thin line between the migrant workers and the townspeople during the funeral march?

10. Who is group man?

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