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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does London do to an outside agitator that tries to get the crowd to attack him?
(a) He turns the crowd on him.
(b) He denounces him as a scab.
(c) He shoots him.
(d) He shatters the man's jaw.

2. At the beginning of Chapter 14, what does the paper Mac picks up falsely accuse the strikers of?
(a) Committing all acts of violence.
(b) Destroying Joy's body.
(c) Assassinating non-Party members.
(d) Holding people hostage.

3. What do the group of men complain about having to do?
(a) Wait three days to bury Joy.
(b) Dig their own latrines.
(c) Make appointments with Doc Burton.
(d) Hunt for their own food.

4. At the end of Chapter 9, what does Mac caution the men not to eat but they eat anyway because of hunger?
(a) Deer.
(b) Squirrels.
(c) Rabbit.
(d) Raw pork.

5. Who disappears in Chapter 13?
(a) Doc Burton.
(b) London.
(c) Mac.
(d) Jim.

6. What does Doc Burton say he is almost out of?
(a) Bandages.
(b) Disinfectant.
(c) Syringes.
(d) Vitamins.

7. Why is Dan seeming to lose his mind, according to Doc Burton?
(a) He has not eaten.
(b) He took pills.
(c) He is constipated.
(d) He ate bad meat.

8. What does Doc Burton describe as taking over during mob action?
(a) Irrational thought.
(b) Angry man.
(c) Group man.
(d) Animalistic tendencies.

9. Who hops off the train and is shot three times?
(a) Joy.
(b) Jim.
(c) A scab.
(d) Mac.

10. Why does Mac decide against putting Joy on public display during the funeral march?
(a) Joy looks too peaceful.
(b) Mac is scared of the repercussions.
(c) Mac does not want the body to be ruined.
(d) Mac does not want anyone shooting at it.

11. What does Mac want from the strike chairman after seeing the false newspaper headline?
(a) Food and supplies.
(b) Guns and ammunition.
(c) A written and public apology.
(d) A signed paper that says the truth.

12. What does Lisa tell Jim because she feels close to him?
(a) Riddles.
(b) Stories.
(c) Secrets.
(d) Poems.

13. What is delivered by truck to the camp?
(a) Guns.
(b) Joy's coffin.
(c) Disinfectant.
(d) Food.

14. Who has left the camp?
(a) Jim.
(b) Doc Burton.
(c) Mrs. Dakin.
(d) Lisa.

15. What does Sam claim to be blacklisted as?
(a) An assassin.
(b) A longshoreman.
(c) A sympathizer.
(d) A turncoat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Doc Burton observe about Mac and the way he is around the men?

2. How does Mac explain vigilantes to Jim; what are they?

3. Why is Lisa a little embarrassed when Jim stops to talk to her?

4. At the beginning of Chapter 12, what does Mac drape over Joy's coffin?

5. What does Mac wish he could get for Doc Burton?

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