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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is in London's tent when he invites Mac and Jim inside?
(a) Raw meat.
(b) Canned sardines.
(c) Stacks of bananas.
(d) Canned peaches.

2. What is set on fire that enrages the men and sparks the impending riot?
(a) Joy's coffin.
(b) The men's food.
(c) Doc Burton's tent.
(d) Anderson's barn.

3. At the end of Chapter 9, what does Mac caution the men not to eat but they eat anyway because of hunger?
(a) Rabbit.
(b) Deer.
(c) Squirrels.
(d) Raw pork.

4. What are the squads of men being sent out to do?
(a) Kill non-Party members.
(b) Find strikebreakers.
(c) Raise funds for Joy's funeral.
(d) Mourn Joy.

5. Who disappears in Chapter 13?
(a) London.
(b) Jim.
(c) Mac.
(d) Doc Burton.

6. To whom does Mac write a letter asking for help?
(a) Hunter.
(b) Harry.
(c) Dakin.
(d) London.

7. What does Doc claim he would do if he were the boss of the other side?
(a) Not allow the funeral.
(b) Apologize for Joy.
(c) Shoot Mac.
(d) Help out the strikers.

8. What does Mac think about Doc Burton in terms of his beliefs?
(a) He is too far left.
(b) He does not know enough about the Party.
(c) He is too narrow minded.
(d) He is not convicted enough to his beliefs.

9. To what does Doc Burton compare Jim's feelings toward the cause that offends Jim?
(a) Revolution.
(b) Religion.
(c) Brainwashing.
(d) Crime.

10. At the beginning of Chapter 12, what does Mac drape over Joy's coffin?
(a) An American flag.
(b) Rose petals.
(c) A red, velvet blanket.
(d) Letters from sympathizers.

11. What does Mac hope will happen once again, the same as with Burke, to incite the men to fight?
(a) Spilling a little blood.
(b) Dying for the cause.
(c) Becoming a turncoat.
(d) Rebelling against the cause.

12. What is Mac worried about the morning following Joy's death?
(a) Joy not being remembered.
(b) The strike breaking.
(c) More men dying.
(d) No one caring about Joy.

13. From whom does Jim claim he got his calm and cool demeanor?
(a) His father.
(b) Books he has read.
(c) Numerous bad experiences.
(d) His mother.

14. At the beginning of Chapter 9, what day of the strike is it when the men organize a picket to meet the train?
(a) Day two.
(b) Day three.
(c) Day four.
(d) Day one.

15. What does Mac want from the strike chairman after seeing the false newspaper headline?
(a) Guns and ammunition.
(b) Food and supplies.
(c) A signed paper that says the truth.
(d) A written and public apology.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who decides to join the Party?

2. Who sends out the squads of men the morning following Joy's death?

3. Who do the group of men accuse of collecting money from Moscow?

4. What does Lisa tell Jim because she feels close to him?

5. What does London suggest that Mac do for Joy's funeral in the morning?

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