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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jim see as the similarity between his father and Joy?
(a) They were/are willing to die for the Party.
(b) They both understood what the Party needs.
(c) They simply like to fight.
(d) They were both hit too many times in the head.

2. Who is shot during the scuffle involving scabs?
(a) Sam.
(b) London.
(c) Mac.
(d) Jim.

3. Where does the paper accuse the strikers of coming from?
(a) China.
(b) South America.
(c) Russia.
(d) Germany.

4. Why is Dan seeming to lose his mind, according to Doc Burton?
(a) He is constipated.
(b) He has not eaten.
(c) He took pills.
(d) He ate bad meat.

5. How will Mac get early warning that the scabs have arrived in town?
(a) He has spies on the train.
(b) He has microphones on the train.
(c) He keeps a cell phone on him.
(d) His people check employment agencies.

Short Answer Questions

1. How Jim describe his mother following her change in demeanor during his childhood?

2. What does the sheriff drive into the camp on?

3. After Dick believes he is spotted for vagrancy, who does he send for to replace him?

4. Where does Mac hope that a potential riot among the pickers could spread to?

5. Out of spite, what does Anderson do to Jim and Mac?

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