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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mac say is needed on the strikers' camping site in order to keep the camp legal?
(a) Permits.
(b) Sanitary bathrooms.
(c) Shelters.
(d) A doctor.

2. Why does Harry make a point of taking the paper with him when he takes Jim to the house?
(a) He does not want Jim to read it.
(b) He does not want anyone stealing his ideas.
(c) Someone will take the paper if he does not.
(d) The cops go through the place regularly.

3. What does Harry do to show that he is considering Jim for Party membership?
(a) Folds the corner of Jim's application.
(b) Signs his name on Jim's application.
(c) Puts Jim's application in an acceptance file.
(d) Folds the application into an envelope.

4. Why is Dakin better off than most other migrant workers?
(a) He works both sides.
(b) He does delivery work.
(c) His wife comes from a wealthy family.
(d) He pays dues to the Valley men.

5. What ordinance does Mac predict the county will pass in the event of a strike?
(a) Separate but equal rights for pickers.
(b) Congregation made illegal.
(c) Soliciting donations made illegal.
(d) Picking made illegal.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does Harry express surprise concerning Jim's past?

2. What is Mac's dream about the the strike and causing a lot of fuss?

3. How does Dan feel about the group of strikers and union about to form?

4. What group of people does Dan reminisce about to Jim and Mac?

5. To what does Mac compare Jim and his on-the-scene training?

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