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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mac claim will do Jim no good without on-the-scene training and experience?
(a) Physical ability.
(b) Passion for the cause.
(c) Hatred for the rat race.
(d) All of the books he has read.

2. What does Mac say has just happened to the pickers in Torgas Valley that could help incite a riot?
(a) The pickers' leader has been incarcerated.
(b) There have been mass layoffs.
(c) They have been given a pay cut by the Growers' Association.
(d) The pickers have organized a coup.

3. What does Mac have the men do after the birth so that they can share in the experience and participate.
(a) Take pictures.
(b) Document the birth in a journal.
(c) Gather blankets and pillows.
(d) Burn the birthing clothes.

4. What does Harry do to show that he is considering Jim for Party membership?
(a) Signs his name on Jim's application.
(b) Puts Jim's application in an acceptance file.
(c) Folds the application into an envelope.
(d) Folds the corner of Jim's application.

5. To what does Mac compare Jim and his on-the-scene training?
(a) Hunted prey.
(b) Wily foxes.
(c) Observant owls.
(d) Hunting dogs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim decline to which Mac responds that Jim has no vices?

2. What mysterious story from his childhood does Jim reminisce about in the beginning of Chapter 2?

3. Why does Harry make a point of taking the paper with him when he takes Jim to the house?

4. What does Mac mention to the men who want to steal their paper in order to intimidate them?

5. What does Jim see as the similarity between his father and Joy?

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