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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Harry make a point of taking the paper with him when he takes Jim to the house?
(a) Someone will take the paper if he does not.
(b) He does not want Jim to read it.
(c) The cops go through the place regularly.
(d) He does not want anyone stealing his ideas.

2. What are the only two punishments of the Party?
(a) Reprimand and expulsion.
(b) Hard labor and fines.
(c) Physical punishment and solitary confinement.
(d) Lecture and punishment.

3. Why do Harry and Jim decide that using Jim's real name will not be detrimental to Jim's relatives?
(a) Jim does not have any living relatives.
(b) Identity is nonexistent within the Party.
(c) They absolve all names once inducted into the Party.
(d) Jim's name is common.

4. What does Harry Nilson have of Jim's when Jim reaches his office?
(a) Jim's dog.
(b) Jim's belongings.
(c) Jim's application.
(d) Jim's paycheks.

5. Why does Jim want to join the Party?
(a) He wants a new start, different from everything.
(b) He wants to infiltrate the Party and destroy it.
(c) He wants to eventually gain control of the Party.
(d) He wants to avenge his father and mother's deaths.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mac's dream about the the strike and causing a lot of fuss?

2. Why does Jim think his mother died while he was in jail for a vagrancy charge?

3. How Jim describe his mother following her change in demeanor during his childhood?

4. What story does Joy recount to explain why his hands are crushed?

5. What does Mac tell Jim that makes field work especially dangerous?

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