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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mac admit to Jim after delivering Lisa's baby?
(a) He did not know what he was doing.
(b) He was scared out of his mind.
(c) He saw how to deliver a baby once on TV.
(d) He never worked in a hospital.

2. What does Al express concern about while Jim and Mac eat at his Lunch Wagon?
(a) Purges within the Party.
(b) His father's crop.
(c) Losing customers.
(d) The impending strike.

3. At the end of Chapter 8, what does Mac say to Jim is the hardest part about what they do for the Party?
(a) They are in over their heads.
(b) Everyone hates them.
(c) They can never back down.
(d) No one trusts them.

4. Who do the group of men accuse of collecting money from Moscow?
(a) Doc Burton.
(b) Mac.
(c) Jim.
(d) London.

5. What nickname does London give Mac that sticks?
(a) Captain.
(b) Duke.
(c) Doc.
(d) Sarg.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mac think about Doc Burton in terms of his beliefs?

2. What does Mac admit to feeling good about at the end of Chapter 4?

3. What do the group of men complain about having to do?

4. At what time does Mac plan the funeral march to match the highest traffic time?

5. How does Doc Burton view civil disobedience and strikes?

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