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Symbolic Objects - These have hidden meanings meant to convey a message to the reader.

Harry Nilson's Office - This place is a typical field office in spy fiction.

The Train Car - This place allows the reader to get to know characters intimately.

Al's Lunch Wagon - This is the setting for the first sympathizer in the novel.

Anderson's Barn - This location houses the just-picked crop and is loosely protected.

The Train Station - This location is where the in-town action occurs.

The Camp - This setting is used to house the strikers.

The Line of Old Cars - These objects symbolize the division between the men and the townspeople.

Dakin's Truck - This object is a prize possession that sets one of the characters apart from the others.

The Pointers - These animals turn one of the characters against the cause.

Joy's Coffin -...

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