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Short Answer Questions

1. From what Shakespearean play does Maryna quote to Halek?

2. What does Wanda do while the others are touring the land?

3. What has plagued the fields of the commune?

4. What is the name of the restaurant in which Maryna has lunch after her audition?

5. What is the question Ryszard finally asks Maryna the night after hearing Minnie's story?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the end of Chapter Eight, Maryna and Bogdan have a conversation about their relationship. What has each come to recognize about his and herself and about each other? Does this seem genuine on both of their parts?

2. Edwin professes to Maryna that there are no happy endings and that an ending is anticlimactic. What does he mean by this?

3. Describe the immigrants' first night on their land in Anaheim, California.

4. In Chapter Seven, Bogdan injures himself and cannot come to San Francisco. What happens between Ryszard and Maryna? How do they change? What happens to their relationship by the end of the chapter?

5. In Chapter Eight, Bogdan explains to Maryna he saw a flying machine on the beach in California. Who is with Bogdan when he sees the plane? Who owns the plane? What does it look like? What is the significance of Bogdan's interest in a flying machine?

6. In Chapter Seven, Maryna moves to San Francisco to return to the stage. How does she settle into San Francisco? Where does she live first? To where and how does she move? What is her goal?

7. What is the history of the land on which Maryna and her group settle? What is the primary crop of the land?

8. Maryna and her troupe continue their tour across America to packed theatres and adoring audiences. What does Mr Warnock suggest in order to facilitate one night stands across the country? How does this change the tone of her trip across country? What is the name lettered in gold on the car?

9. What story does Ryszard write based on the events at the circus? What is his purpose for writing his story?

10. In Chapter Six, many of the characters take on new names. Who are they and what are their new names? How does Maryna react to this change?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Bogdan and Maryna go to say farewell to Bogdan's grandmother the Countess, she gives them this piece of advice: "don't invent too many reasons for what you have decided to do!" Have Bogdan and Maryna invented many reasons? What are they? Why are they going to America?

Essay Topic 2

Opposite the title page, the author states the story is a work of fiction based on a true story. On what story has Sontag based her novel? What does she admire about Helena Modjeska, based on her characterization of Maryna?

Essay Topic 3

The story is told through many voices: the narrator, letters, soliloquies, conversations. The reader sees the main characters through many eyes and ears. Why has the author chosen this style to tell the story? Does it work? Is the reader able to get a well rounded view of the main characters? How else might have the author gone about telling this story?

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