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Short Answer Questions

1. Who becomes Maryna's manager?

2. What is Ryszard's responsibility on the commune?

3. What wakes the commune in the middle of the night in April?

4. Who is Angus Barton?

5. After telling him of the terrible travel conditions she and her family have endured on the tour, what does Maryna promise Warnock?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter Six, the communal group begins to break up. Where do people go? Does anyone join another commune? Do any of the group remain in California?

2. What does Edwin Booth have in his possession named Philo Perkins? What is the story behind Philo Perkins?

3. In Chapter Seven, the narrator says "and she would tell many lies." Why does Maryna begin to tell lies? What does she lie about? What are some of the lies she tells and to whom?

4. What does Maryna choose to use as her audition material for Mr. Barton? How does the audition go? How does the author describe Marya's return to the stage? What do we learn about Maryna?

5. Edwin professes to Maryna that there are no happy endings and that an ending is anticlimactic. What does he mean by this?

6. When Wanda attempts suicide, how do the members of the commune react to her attempt?

7. In his love letter to Maryna in which he asks her to travel with him, Ryzard refers to Jack Goodyear, a squatter Ryszard has met in the mountains. Jack Goodyear explains to Ryszard that "sometimes it seems to him as though there were two Jacks." What does Goodyear mean by this?

8. Edwin Booth talks about his father and his brother, John Booth. What does he reveal about these two important figures in his life?

9. In Chapter Six, many of the characters take on new names. Who are they and what are their new names? How does Maryna react to this change?

10. At the end of Chapter Eight, Maryna and Bogdan have a conversation about their relationship. What has each come to recognize about his and herself and about each other? Does this seem genuine on both of their parts?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the end, Maryna chooses her life with Bogdan over a life with Ryszard. Why does she do this? What does she recognize about herself, Bogdan and Ryszard that makes her decision a clear one for her? Does she speak of sadness or regret over the decision?

Essay Topic 2

What is the importance of the discussion Maryna has with Mrs. Welton? What important thing does Maryna reveal to Mrs. Welton that has not been revealed previously? Why does Maryna believe she has the right to criticize America?

Essay Topic 3

The story is told through many voices: the narrator, letters, soliloquies, conversations. The reader sees the main characters through many eyes and ears. Why has the author chosen this style to tell the story? Does it work? Is the reader able to get a well rounded view of the main characters? How else might have the author gone about telling this story?

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