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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 0)


Chapter 0

In this chapter, the narrator gives many clues as to her identity. The objective of this lesson is to understand who the narrator is in the story.


1) Class discussion: Is this a typical way for a narrator to begin a story? Why do you think the narrator has chosen this means of beginning the story? Is it clear who the narrator is?

2) Small group exercise: In small groups, collect as many clues as you can about the narrator. Come together and list the details each group has found.

3) Group discussion: In small groups, discuss why the narrator has chosen to sit in the room observing the characters while providing information and antidotes about her own life.

4) Individual exercise: Is the narrator the author of the book? Where does the narrator live? Approximately when?

5) Homework:

1) Journal: In your own words, write a short biography of...

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