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Essay Topic 1

In the opening chapter, the narrator says "the past is the biggest country of all" and expresses the wish to set stories in the past. Discuss this quote and it's relevance to the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Chapter One reveals a great deal about Maryna and the people who surround her. In this chapter, we get a clearer picture of the people Maryna surrounds herself with and how she thinks of those people. Why does Maryna want people to uproot themselves and their families and leave Krakow? How does she see the people who surround her? Why does she feel certain these people will follow her?

Essay Topic 3

When Bogdan and Maryna go to say farewell to Bogdan's grandmother the Countess, she gives them this piece of advice: "don't invent too many reasons for what you have decided to do!" Have Bogdan and Maryna invented many reasons...

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