In America Character Descriptions

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Maryna Zalezowski [Marina Zalenska]

This is the main character in the novel, a stage actress from Poland who emigrates to America and eventually becomes a renowned actress.

Ryszard [Richard]

This character is a writer in Poland who comes to America and lives on a commune with other Polish immigrants.

Bogdan Dembowski

This character is husband to one of the people who immigrate from Poland to America. He was once a count but is now no longer wealthy or a man of status.

Henryk Tyszynski

This character is a physician to the family and close friend of the main character who visits America and then returns to Poland.

Heinrich Zalezowski

This character is the first husband of one of the immigrants from Poland who live on the commune.

Jakub Goldberg

This character is a young artist who emigrates to America.


This character dies of tuberculosis in Poland.

Julian Solski

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