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Chapter 0

• The narrator enters a hotel dining room to observe the group there.

• The group is made up of Poles who are contemplating moving to America for a new beginning.

• At the center of the group is an actress, Maryna Zalezowski, who is renowned throughout the country.

• The narrator introduces some of the main characters of the novel: Maryna, Bogdan her husband, Ryszard a writer, and others.
• It becomes obvious that the group adores and admires Maryna.

• There is talk of dissatisfaction with the Poland of 1876.

• The narrator also gives a great deal of information about Maryna's life.

Chapter 1

• The narrator provides a history of Maryna's life, her childhood, and her relationship with Henrich Zalezowski.

• Maryna decides at age seven to become an actress so she can return to the theatre.

• Zaleozowski, a boarder in her mother's home, is 27 years older than Maryna.
• Zaleozowski manages Maryna's acting career...

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