Objects & Places from In a Sunburned Country

Bill Bryson
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Bluey, bluebottle

Also known as a Portuguese man-of-war, it is one of Australia's many potentially lethal creatures.


The affectionate Melbourne slang for Australian Rules football.


A member of the widow family, this is a virulent web spinner native to Australia.

Giant Worms of Gippsland

Bryson, Alan Howe, and Carmel Egan visit a museum dedicated to these.


Sydney is the largest of Australia's cities and is today its most famous city. Its Opera House and Bay Bridge are architectural sites of world renown.


This is a planned urban community that serves as Australia's capital.


This is one of Australia's largest cities but has been in decline for several years, losing much of its commercial industry to Sydney and Melbourne.


The second largest of Australia's cities, it has for decades competed with Sydney for prominence.

Alice Springs

This is a town of 25,000 which lies...

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