In a Sunburned Country Fun Activities

Bill Bryson
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Aboriginal Art

Do some research on Aboriginal art and then create your own piece in which you tell a story in a style that resembles Aboriginal style.

Watch the Film

The film titled AUSTRALIA was released in 2008 starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Obtain a DVD of the film to get a different perspective on Australia's history during World War II.

Bryson's iPod

Bryson's rental cars had radios that picked up cricket matches and decades-old music. If you could load an iPod for Bryson to take on a trip today, what music would you include? Be sure to include several genres for the different moods that occur on a road trip.

Time Travels with Captain James Cook

Create a web site for Captain James Cook's expedition as if you were corresponding with him and could report his experiences digitally. What would you put on the home page? Enter...

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