In a Sunburned Country Character Descriptions

Bill Bryson
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Bill Bryson

A lifetime professional writer, he has written several travel narratives, informational nonfiction, and fiction works.

Allan Sherwin

This individual met Bill Bryson in a pub in London before Bryson was to set off for his third and most challenging Australian trip.

Sonja Stubing

A young woman who works for the regional tourist office of Broken Hill, she accompanies Bill Bryson and Trevor Hart out into the desert to the mining town of Menindee.

Steve Garland

A former professional photographer from Sydney, this individual works as the chief warden of Kinchega National Park.

Walter Burley Griffin

This individual was an American architect and disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright who was picked to provide the initial urban planning for Canberra.

Lachlan Macquarie

This individual was a Scotsman and governor of the colony on Australia in the early nineteenth century.

Thomas Austin

This individual was an Australia landowner who...

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