In a Sunburned Country Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bill Bryson
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Chapters 1-3

• Bill Bryson states that most people know shockingly little about Australia which is ironic because it is one of the singular places on earth.

• Bryson had only visited Australia for book tours and consequently had never seen the "real" Australia until this trip.

• Bryson's plans for this trip were to travel via the Indian Pacific railroad across the continent from Sydney to Perth.

• Bryson and photographer, Trevor Ray Hart, boarded a train at Sydney's Central Station and their first stop is a town called Broken Hill where the temperatures can be extremely hot.
• Bryons and Hart took a a side trip into the desert and Bryson recalled some of the early Australian expeditions led by Europeans.

• Bryson and Hart boarded the train for Perth and arrive there the next day having accomplished something most Australians have ever done, which is to travel the whole length of...

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