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Damon Galgut
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: The Lover.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tanzania is located in what region of Africa?
(a) South Africa.
(b) West Africa.
(c) East Africa.
(d) North Africa.

2. Reiner suggests that he and Damon take a hiking trip to a region called what when he visits Cape Town in Part One: The Follower?
(a) Lesotho.
(b) Maseru.
(c) Karnataka.
(d) Roma.

3. At times along their hike in Part One: The Follower, Reiner insists they do what which makes Damon uneasy?
(a) Swim across a lake.
(b) Ski down a mountain.
(c) Take shortcuts.
(d) Hike over a ridge.

4. The first leg of the trip Damon and Reiner take in South Africa is on a train from Cape Town to where in Part One: The Follower?
(a) Drakensberg.
(b) Maseru.
(c) Lesotho.
(d) Bloemfontein.

5. In what village with all the earmarks of a shanty town did Damon, Richard and other travelers arrive by train in Part 2: The Lover?
(a) Maseru.
(b) Lusaka.
(c) Lesotho.
(d) Cape Town.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tugs at Damon's fly at the hotel after his traveling companions have left Dar es Salaam in Part 2: The Lover?

2. After abandoning Reiner in Part One: The Follower, Damon gets a ride with a woman driving what type of vehicle?

3. Where is the character of Reiner from?

4. In what town is the abandoned seminary where Reiner and Damon camp after the first part of their trip in Part One: The Follower?

5. To where did the traveler miss a train in Part One: The Follower, leading him to stay in a stranger's hostel room?

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