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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack plan to do in the near future?

2. What adjective does Lady Bracknell use to describe Algernon's association with the invalid, "Bunbury?"

3. In terms of playing music, what is Algernon's forte?

4. In Act I, what relation does Jack claim to Cecily?

5. What does Algernon find decidedly unromantic?

Short Essay Questions

1. What argument does Chasuble make to justify asking Miss Prism to marry him?

2. Why does Jack intend to "kill" Ernest?

3. After the two women storm off, what is Algernon's attitude?

4. What does Cecily do to anger Gwendolen as they take tea?

5. What reason does Miss Prism give for not wanting Ernest to be saved from his vices?

6. What news does Jack bring with him when he returns home from London.

7. What clandestine declaration does Gwendolen make to Jack before she leaves?

8. What is Jack Worthing's business in London?

9. What order does Jack give to Algernon after the women go in to lunch?

10. Describe Cecily and Miss Prism's opposing views on writing.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The play begins in London and take place largely in a manor house in Woolton. The conflict between town and country is a central component of Oscar WIlde's play.

Part 1.) Where do Jack and Algernon, separately, prefer to relax? How does their preference result in the creation of elaborate deceptions?

Part 2.) How do Cecily and Gwendolen's views of the city and country differ from Jack's and Algernon's? Are their opinions more or less ambiguous?

Part 3.) Write an overview of the relative merits and drawbacks of town and country according to the characters of the play. Be sure to cite which character said these things.

Essay Topic 2

Write about Lady Bracknell as the driving force in the play. Cite three examples of moments where she is the sole arbiter of the another character's fate. How is the climax a result of her machinations?

Essay Topic 3

Is Chasuble a religious hypocrite or merely a bumbling blowhard? Make a case for one or the other in essay form, citing statement made and actions taken be Chasuble to corroborate your position.

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