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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Algernon, what is the essence of romance?

2. In what town does the First Act take place?

3. What does Jack plan to do in the near future?

4. What item does Gwendolen take with her as she leaves?

5. In what perpetual state is Algernon, according to Jack?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is it that Jack does not know who his parents are?

2. Describe Chasuble's hesitancy to express his love to Miss Prism.

3. Describe Cecily and Miss Prism's opposing views on writing.

4. How do Cecily and Gwendolen learn the truth about Ernest?

5. Why do Algernon and Jack have such difficulty choosing a place to have dinner?

6. What reason does Miss Prism give for not wanting Ernest to be saved from his vices?

7. What does Cecily do to anger Gwendolen as they take tea?

8. What clandestine declaration does Gwendolen make to Jack before she leaves?

9. What news does Jack bring with him when he returns home from London.

10. After the two women storm off, what is Algernon's attitude?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Is Chasuble a religious hypocrite or merely a bumbling blowhard? Make a case for one or the other in essay form, citing statement made and actions taken be Chasuble to corroborate your position.

Essay Topic 2

Choose one of the following topics to write about:

1.) What aspects of a person are important to a courtship according to Cecily? How do these differ from those of Lady Bracknell?

2.) What is Algernon's stated stance on romance and marriage in Act 1? Why do you think he decides to propose to Cecily in spite of this position? Cite statements made by Algernon later to justify your argument.

3.) Gwendolen's statement about always wanting to marry a man named Ernest is absurd, but her reasons for liking the name are indicative of a desire everyone has when getting married. What are her reasons for liking the name and how do they indicate a universal desire of humankind?

Essay Topic 3

Choose one of the following options to write about:

1.) What does Algernon's habit of always eating say about him as a character? Write about three examples in the play where Algernon is forced to explain his appetite and how he does so.

2.) Cecily and Miss Prism's argument about her diary and the three-volume novel say much about both. What secrets does this conversation allude to, and how does it frame each one's attitude toward literature and love?

3.) Chasuble is constantly quoting - and misquoting - religious sources and tenets. How does his level of comfort with his chosen profession help or hinder his decision regarding Miss Prism at the end of the play?

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