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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Cecily wish would come to the country manor?
(a) Ernest
(b) Gwendolen
(c) Jack
(d) Algernon

2. What does Algernon claim to be when he meets Cecily?
(a) Cunning but not vicious
(b) Extravagent but not profligate
(c) Reckless but not wicked
(d) Charming but not saturnine

3. Where do Cecily and Gwendolen depart to when they leave the men?
(a) The hills
(b) The garden
(c) The drawing room
(d) London

4. Upon finding out the Cecily is Mr. Worthing's ward, how old does Gwendolen wish Cecily was?
(a) Sixty
(b) Eight
(c) Sixteen
(d) Forty-two

5. What German writer is Cecily studying at the top of Act II?
(a) Goethe
(b) Schopenhauer
(c) Schiller
(d) Hegel

Short Answer Questions

1. What lunch has Jack traditionally been enjoying of late?

2. At the end of the act, why does Algernon not want to see Cecily in the garden?

3. How does Cecily have letters from Ernest?

4. With what does Grigsby present Algernon?

5. What does Chasuble claim was the reference in his unintentionally romantic comment to Miss Prism?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reason does Miss Prism give for not wanting Ernest to be saved from his vices?

2. What news does Jack bring with him when he returns home from London.

3. What changes in Ernest's behavior does Algernon announce when he arrives at Jack's country house?

4. When Algernon arrives under the guise Ernest, what does Cecily tell him about Jack's plans?

5. How does Cecily get rid of Miss Prism at the the beginning of Act II?

6. Why does Gwendolen state that she wishes Cecily were older?

7. Why is Cecily always distracted from her lessons?

8. How does Algernon get rid of Miss Prism when he wants say goodbye to Cecily?

9. What is Cecily's response to Algernon's proposal to her?

10. What reason does Cecily give for not wanting to show Algernon her diary?

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