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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where in Victoria Station was the handbag with Jack in it discovered?
(a) A platform
(b) A news kiosk
(c) A cloak room
(d) A train compartment

2. How does Lady Bracknell feel about Jack's having lost both of his parents?
(a) It is inconsequential
(b) It is tragic
(c) It is unfortunate
(d) It is careless

3. Which of the following is not a condition that Jack and Algernon consider to kill Ernest?
(a) A slight chill
(b) Scurvy
(c) Apoplexy
(d) Influenza

4. According to Algernon, what do the lower classes lack a sense of?
(a) Respect for their betters
(b) Duty to country
(c) Moral responsibility
(d) History

5. How old is Jack?
(a) Thirty-five
(b) Twenty-nine
(c) Forty-three
(d) Nineteen

6. Which of these is not a description of the handbag in which Jack was found?
(a) It had handles
(b) It was torn at the side
(c) It was leather
(d) It was black

7. What item did Jack leave in Algernon's house the last time he called?
(a) His hat
(b) A book
(c) A cigarette case
(d) An engagement ring

8. Where does "Ernest" have a country house?
(a) Brighton
(b) Lincoln
(c) Shropshire
(d) Kensington

9. What aspect of humanity is Jack sick of?
(a) Cleverness
(b) Profligacy
(c) Bohemianism
(d) Bigotry

10. Why does Mr. Thomas Cardew give baby Jack the surname Worthing?
(a) It was Cardew's mother's maiden name
(b) It was the destination of his ticket
(c) It was the first word that came to mind
(d) It is the name of Cardew's favorite footballer

11. What does Lady Bracknell describe as a "delicate exotic fruit?"
(a) Social bearing
(b) Her daughter
(c) Ignorance
(d) Love

12. What does Cecily pay no attention to, according to Jack?
(a) Her spending
(b) Her lessons
(c) His warnings
(d) The advances of boys

13. To what composer does Algernon compare his Aunt's ring? Tchaikovsky
(a) Tchaikovsky
(b) Mahler
(c) Mozart
(d) Wagner

14. With what Duchess does Lady Bracknell share a list of eligible English bachelors?
(a) Marlborough
(b) York
(c) Bolton
(d) Kent

15. About how much money does "Ernest" owe the Savoy?
(a) 200 pounds
(b) 1000 pounds
(c) 700 pounds
(d) 500 pounds

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lady Bracknell send Gwendolyn while she questions Jack?

2. What does Algernon find decidedly unromantic?

3. In reality, what it is the relationship between Cecily and Jack?

4. What participle does Jack inadvertently substitute for "married" when he attempts to say "We must get married at once"?

5. Why do servants steal more champagne in the houses of bachelors?

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