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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what perpetual state is Algernon, according to Jack?
(a) Lecherous
(b) Hungry
(c) Broke
(d) Gossipy

2. Which of these is not a suggestion that Algernon makes as to what they should do after dinner?
(a) The Games House
(b) The Club
(c) The Empire
(d) The Theatre

3. What does Gwendolyn's brother ask all of his girlfriends?
(a) For advice
(b) For money
(c) To marry him
(d) For directions

4. What item does Gwendolen take with her as she leaves?
(a) The bell
(b) The trivet
(c) The cigarette holder
(d) The railway guide

5. Which of the following is not a condition that Jack and Algernon consider to kill Ernest?
(a) Influenza
(b) A slight chill
(c) Apoplexy
(d) Scurvy

6. To what composer does Algernon compare his Aunt's ring? Tchaikovsky
(a) Tchaikovsky
(b) Mozart
(c) Wagner
(d) Mahler

7. On what day is Jack leaving town?
(a) Tuesday
(b) Wednesday
(c) Monday
(d) Sunday

8. How does Lady Bracknell feel about Jack's having lost both of his parents?
(a) It is careless
(b) It is inconsequential
(c) It is tragic
(d) It is unfortunate

9. Why does Jack neglect to tell Gwendolen about the existence of Cecily?
(a) He cannot explain their relationship
(b) She has not asked
(c) He would have to reveal his true name
(d) He fears she would be jealous

10. What does Algernon find decidedly unromantic?
(a) A Cucumber Sandwich
(b) A Proposal
(c) A Waltz
(d) Champagne

11. What type of sandwich does Algernon take from Lane?
(a) Jam
(b) Cucumber
(c) Tuna
(d) Cheese

12. What participle does Jack inadvertently substitute for "married" when he attempts to say "We must get married at once"?
(a) Christened
(b) Buried
(c) Stationed
(d) Plastered

13. What item did Jack leave in Algernon's house the last time he called?
(a) A cigarette case
(b) An engagement ring
(c) His hat
(d) A book

14. What has Gwendolyn asked Lady Bracknell to refrain from?
(a) Berating the servants publicly
(b) Quoting scripture
(c) Pocketing silverware
(d) Abruptly reentering rooms

15. Where does "Ernest" have a country house?
(a) Kensington
(b) Shropshire
(c) Lincoln
(d) Brighton

Short Answer Questions

1. How often does does Algernon suggest one should check on one's relations?

2. To whom does Jack let his town house much of the year?

3. Why do servants steal more champagne in the houses of bachelors?

4. What is Lady Bracknell's first question for Jack?

5. In Act I, what relation does Jack claim to Cecily?

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