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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not a defining feature of the handbag mentioned by Miss Prism
(a) A scuff recieved on an omnibus
(b) A stain from a spilt beverage
(c) Her initials engraved upon the lock
(d) Her former address stitched into the inner lining

2. How does Cecily have letters from Ernest?
(a) She wrote them herself
(b) Jack wrote them
(c) Algernon wrote them
(d) Other boys wrote them and she changed the name

3. What service does Lady Bracknell require of Algernon on Saturday?
(a) They must attend a French farce together
(b) He must tend to her shrubbery
(c) He must arrange her music
(d) He must rearrange her furniture

4. What cause does Algernon cite for Bunbury's death?
(a) Consumption
(b) Apoplexy
(c) Influenza
(d) Explosion

5. What minor character defames the German language at the beginning of the Act?
(a) Merriman
(b) Lane
(c) Moulton
(d) Mr. Grigsby

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lady Bracknell's first question for Jack?

2. On what street is Lord and Lady Bracknell's house?

3. What is the only thing that allows Algernon to put up with his relatives?

4. At what age does Gwendolyn say she lost the respect of her mother?

5. What brand of champagne did Algernon consume in its entirety?

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