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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of the act, why does Algernon not want to see Cecily in the garden?
(a) He fears her anger
(b) She expects him
(c) She forbids him
(d) He does not know what to say

2. According to Algernon, what is the essence of romance?
(a) Consistency
(b) Fidelity
(c) Passion
(d) Uncertainty

3. How does Lady Bracknell characterize cloak rooms in general?
(a) Dirty
(b) Draughty
(c) Plebeian
(d) Stuffy

4. According to Gwendolen in the final act, in what field do men far surpass women?
(a) Physical strength
(b) Self-sacrifice
(c) Stupidity
(d) Appetite

5. What does Chasuble claim was the reference in his unintentionally romantic comment to Miss Prism?
(a) Fish
(b) Bears
(c) Bees
(d) Swans

Short Answer Questions

1. Next to whose room does Merriman place Algernon's luggage?

2. What item did Jack leave in Algernon's house the last time he called?

3. What does Lady Bracknell recommend Chasuble do to Miss Prism before they marry?

4. Lady Bracknell suggests the employment of a French maid to rectify what deficiency in Cecily?

5. Who, according to Chasuble, are the only adults who should have compulsory baptism?

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