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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Algernon, what is the essence of romance?
(a) Fidelity
(b) Passion
(c) Uncertainty
(d) Consistency

2. Who is growing too attached to Ernest, in Jack's opinion?
(a) Miss Prism
(b) Cecily
(c) Algernon
(d) Gwendolen

3. Where does Lady Bracknell send Gwendolyn while she questions Jack?
(a) The garden
(b) The dining room
(c) The study
(d) The carriage

4. Why does Gwendolyn decline sugar in her tea?
(a) She prefers lemon
(b) She fears poisoning
(c) It is too rich
(d) It is out of style

5. Why do servants steal more champagne in the houses of bachelors?
(a) The men are less observant
(b) The servants are never as drunk as their masters
(c) The wine is better
(d) There is less to do

Short Answer Questions

1. What relation is not popular at the present time?

2. What, according to Miss Prism, does Socialism lead to?

3. Which of these is not an occasion when Chasuble has preach his sermon on manna?

4. How many pounds does Ernest owe the Savoy?

5. Who are the most interesting people, according to Algernon?

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