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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What service does Lady Bracknell require of Algernon on Saturday?
(a) They must attend a French farce together
(b) He must rearrange her furniture
(c) He must arrange her music
(d) He must tend to her shrubbery

2. According to Lady Bracknell, what two things rarely go together?
(a) Knowing much and knowing self
(b) Behaving well and feeling well
(c) Having much and owing little
(d) Making love and making peace

3. What is Lady Bracknell's first question for Jack?
(a) Do you smoke?
(b) What are your politics?
(c) What is your income?
(d) Are your parents living?

4. To whom does Jack let his town house much of the year?
(a) Lady Bloxham
(b) His brother
(c) Cecily
(d) John Merrick

5. Why does Mr. Thomas Cardew give baby Jack the surname Worthing?
(a) It was the first word that came to mind
(b) It was the destination of his ticket
(c) It was Cardew's mother's maiden name
(d) It is the name of Cardew's favorite footballer

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack tell Algernon has happened to Bunbury?

2. Which two words do Miss Prism and Cecily confuse as they talk about Jack and his "brother"?

3. What type of sandwich does Algernon take from Lane?

4. Immediately after proposing to Cecily, who does Algernon seek out?

5. What is Cecily's constant distraction?

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