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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Cecily's governess?
(a) Miss Prism
(b) Lady Bracknell
(c) Gwendolyn
(d) She has none

2. According to Algernon, what do the lower classes lack a sense of?
(a) Respect for their betters
(b) Duty to country
(c) Moral responsibility
(d) History

3. What is Algernon enjoying at the end of the Act?
(a) A whiskey and a sanwich
(b) A tea and a song
(c) A sherry and a cigarette
(d) A coffee and a biscuit

4. Why does Mr. Thomas Cardew give baby Jack the surname Worthing?
(a) It was Cardew's mother's maiden name
(b) It was the first word that came to mind
(c) It is the name of Cardew's favorite footballer
(d) It was the destination of his ticket

5. Where does "Ernest" have a country house?
(a) Kensington
(b) Shropshire
(c) Lincoln
(d) Brighton

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Jack take the name of Ernest?

2. To whom does Jack let his town house much of the year?

3. Which of these is not a description of the handbag in which Jack was found?

4. With what Duchess does Lady Bracknell share a list of eligible English bachelors?

5. In reality, what it is the relationship between Cecily and Jack?

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