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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What cause does Algernon cite for Bunbury's death?
(a) Apoplexy
(b) Influenza
(c) Explosion
(d) Consumption

2. Jack agrees to consent to Cecily's marriage when what happens?
(a) Alergnon pays Ernest's debts
(b) Pigs fly
(c) Cecily completes her education
(d) Lady Bracknell consents the Gwendolen's

3. What participle does Jack inadvertently substitute for "married" when he attempts to say "We must get married at once"?
(a) Plastered
(b) Buried
(c) Stationed
(d) Christened

4. According to Jack, who profession is afraid to invent a single thing?
(a) Inventors
(b) Novelists
(c) News Editors
(d) Priests

5. With what does Grigsby present Algernon?
(a) A bible
(b) His luggage
(c) A bill
(d) A sherry

Short Answer Questions

1. How many trains does Lady Bracknell claim to have missed when she demands Gwendolen depart with her?

2. On what day is Jack leaving town?

3. What does Algernon claim to be when he meets Cecily?

4. How many of the cucumber sandwiches does Algernon eat?

5. What item does Gwendolen take with her as she leaves?

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