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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack offer to present to Lady Bracknell in lieu of his parentage?
(a) A substantial dowry
(b) The handbag in which he was found
(c) A lord to vouch for him
(d) His "brother's" credentials

2. What is the topic of the lecture Lord Bracknell is attending?
(a) The Effect of Parliamentary Democracy on Art
(b) The Effect of Industrialization on the Church of England
(c) Changes in the English Fish Trade since Restoration
(d) The Influence of Permanent Income on Thought

3. To whom does Jack let his town house much of the year?
(a) John Merrick
(b) Lady Bloxham
(c) Cecily
(d) His brother

4. How does Cecily have letters from Ernest?
(a) Jack wrote them
(b) She wrote them herself
(c) Other boys wrote them and she changed the name
(d) Algernon wrote them

5. How does Jack feel about affection?
(a) He relies on it
(b) He yearns for it
(c) He loathes it
(d) He fears it

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Miss Prism concerned by Chasuble's being in the vestry?

2. Whose "heretical" views does Chasuble cite when Jack states he does not think Baptism worthwhile?

3. What item does Gwendolen take with her as she leaves?

4. Lady Bracknell suggests the employment of a French maid to rectify what deficiency in Cecily?

5. According to Jack, who profession is afraid to invent a single thing?

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