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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What adjective does Lady Bracknell use to describe Algernon's association with the invalid "Bunbury"?
(a) Frivolous
(b) Christian
(c) Foolish
(d) Morbid

2. In what town does the First Act take place?
(a) Derby
(b) Shropshire
(c) Woolton
(d) London

3. Why does Mr. Thomas Cardew give baby Jack the surname Worthing?
(a) It was Cardew's mother's maiden name
(b) It was the destination of his ticket
(c) It was the first word that came to mind
(d) It is the name of Cardew's favorite footballer

4. Who are the most interesting people, according to Algernon?
(a) Those you haven't met
(b) Those who enjoy your present
(c) Those who choose not to speak
(d) Those with a willingness to lend money

5. Who is growing too attached to Ernest, in Jack's opinion?
(a) Miss Prism
(b) Cecily
(c) Algernon
(d) Gwendolen

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do servants steal more champagne in the houses of bachelors?

2. What does Algernon find decidedly unromantic?

3. Which of these is not a description of the handbag in which Jack was found?

4. In terms of playing music, what is Algernon's forte?

5. According to Algernon, what is the essence of romance?

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