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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What mythical creature does Jack compare Lady Bracknell to?
(a) A Leviathan
(b) A Harpy
(c) A Minotaur
(d) A Gorgon

2. What German writer is Cecily studying at the top of Act II?
(a) Hegel
(b) Schopenhauer
(c) Schiller
(d) Goethe

3. What does Jack offer to present to Lady Bracknell in lieu of his parentage?
(a) A substantial dowry
(b) A lord to vouch for him
(c) The handbag in which he was found
(d) His "brother's" credentials

4. What attribute of Ernest does Cecily love?
(a) His taste
(b) All of the above
(c) His name
(d) His hair

5. According to Jack, who profession is afraid to invent a single thing?
(a) Novelists
(b) News Editors
(c) Priests
(d) Inventors

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lady Bracknell wish to avoid at the train station?

2. Which of these is not an occasion when Chasuble has preach his sermon on manna?

3. What did Miss Prism intend to place in her handbag

4. What type of sandwich does Algernon take from Lane?

5. What is Lady Bracknell's first question for Jack?

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