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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Gwendolen in the final act, in what field do men far surpass women?
(a) Self-sacrifice
(b) Stupidity
(c) Appetite
(d) Physical strength

2. How does Lady Bracknell feel about Jack's having lost both of his parents?
(a) It is tragic
(b) It is careless
(c) It is inconsequential
(d) It is unfortunate

3. Why will Cecily not allow Algernon to read her diary?
(a) It is all about him
(b) She intends to publish it
(c) It is improper
(d) It is in secret language

4. Why do servants steal more champagne in the houses of bachelors?
(a) The servants are never as drunk as their masters
(b) The men are less observant
(c) There is less to do
(d) The wine is better

5. What does Miss Prism offer to send Chasuble?
(a) Her ring size
(b) A love letter
(c) Several volumes of her diary
(d) A book of German poetry

Short Answer Questions

1. What vulgar people does Algernon suggest bandy about there business in cocktail parties?

2. What minor character defames the German language at the beginning of the Act?

3. Why does Algernon suggest Jack not get christened?

4. What reason does Algernon give to Cecily for lying about being Ernest?

5. What does Lady Bracknell wish to avoid at the train station?

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